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Journal cover

My latest journal cover with handcut stencils, acrylic paint, ballpoint pen.  I love the way the ballpoint pen sinks into the paint and creates texture.  The text is the beginning of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s essay Self Reliance.

´╗┐stencil fun

I love the combination of stencils and mono-print papers in my art journal.  In both of these spreads I started with pages from the  index book of an old encyclopedia and then added mono-printed papers and handcut stencils with acrylic paint, acrylic drips and colored pencils.  I also used acrylic paint pens for some of the detail work.   The curlicue stencil works great as ‘rays’ coming from the celestial bodies.  I love the delicacy of these new stencils and with patience, they’re not as hard to cut as you would think.  


Mandalas (circles) in space


In 2012 I had a one woman show called ‘Mandalas, Dreams and Reflections’. The title of the show was a take-off on Carl Jung’s autobiography ‘Memories, Dreams and Reflections’ and when the show was over I realized I could work in this same theme for the rest of my life and never exhaust the subject so I’m going to do it again in 2019. The seven year cycle is an archetypal one and seems fitting.       For the first show I drew a mandala every day for a full year in an iPad app and then displayed them in canvases made to simulate a calendar month as well as in full glory on a projector screen. As that year of drawing progressed I got as equally absorbed in creating an ‘environment’ for the mandalas as I was in drawing the mandalas. For this next cycle I am exploring circles as the quintessential and most basic of mandalas and playing with their relationship to each other in space on canvas. I am also experimenting and creating mandalas in a variety of mediums including paint, paper, cardboard, fiber and stone.      

     Some of my explorations…..

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