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Fingerless mittens

Fingerless mittens have become my favorite cold weather accessory along with the ever present scarf. The array of possible techniques in making fingerless mittens is fathomless. My notebook is filled with ideas. You can make them in different weights, with or without the thumb, mixing fabrics or plain, contrasting thread colors or the same, seams showing or on the inside, dressy or casual, with crocheted borders; the possibilities are endless. Here are a few examples from the dozens of mittens I have made this season and a basketful of mittens ready to take to a holiday gallery show that I’m participating in.


IMG_2533-0.JPG One of the major inspirations for the detail work I’ve been adding this year (beaded edges, fancy stitched edges, reverse appliqué) is Alabama Chanin. I own all three of their books (there’s another coming out in the spring!) and they are a wealth of inspiration and techniques. Check them out!

Holiday Garlands

I’m participating in a holiday show and went through all my Christmas storage containers to see if there was anything I wanted to use for inspiration or recycling. I bought these crocheted snowflakes from Lillian Vernon years and years ago (so they’re vintage now, right?) They were white to begin with and then one year I spray painted them gold and now I’m incorporating them into holiday garlands. I used a beautiful linen twine, inherited from a friend, and alternated the snowflakes with felted leaves or felted ornament balls. The third garland alternates felted leaves with beaded felted stars. I did the veins on the leaves on the sewing machine but everything else is done by hand. The Nordic patterned ornaments have blanket stitching and there is a contrasting pattern on the other side so it’s reversible! I made these garlands with the intention of creating heirloom pieces that can be handed down through the generations.





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