Boot Refashion

Hi everyone! For my first blog I’d like to show you a pair of boots that I refashioned. They had a REALLY pointy toe that scuffed easily. I wanted to see if I could reshape the toe and keep the boots. I loved the leather and the fact that they were comfortable and flat. So……I grabbed a saw and cut off the pointy toes. I have a stash of leather from old coats that I buy at the thrift stores and take apart. So I used a piece of leather and glued it over the now squarish toe. the leather was a mauve color so I used acrylic paints to match the leather to the rest of the boot and then I edged the piece with gold acrylic because the rest of the seams were done that way. I was delighted with the way they turned out and wore them to a concert the very next night.

the refashioned boot with the old toe next to it.

the refashioned boot with the old toe next to it.

So there you have it. I have been doing lots of work in the studio and work in many different mediums and will be trying to post on a regular basis.
Thanks for visiting!

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